//Buried in Lies by T.L. Smith
Buried in Lies Book Cover Buried in Lies
T. L. Smith
Dark, New Adult, Romance
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
20th January 2018

His lips told me he knew me. His hands touched like we were old lovers. His eyes held secrets of a past I'd never known. I was lost, you see. Lost as the flowers that grew in the meadow. The devil told me he knew me. But lies had a way of unraveling, even if we didn't want them to. The devil had a trick, for his love was full of acid. Acid that burned at every touch, every linger, and I let it scorch me to my core. A devil made you sin. And my devil was the worst. But now that devil wanted my last kiss, and it wasn't one I was willing to give. He could take the acid and leave the burn behind. I was keeping my heart even if I died trying.

Buried in Lies was my first book I’d read by T.L Smith, having now finished it I am asking myself how I’ve not read anything before by this amazing writer! What drew me to the book was actually the cover, I don’t always read the synopsis but something about that cover and those opening lines of the synopsis…

His lips told me he knew me.
His hands touched like we were old lovers.

It was hard not to be intrigued plus a little excited. I won’t lie to you, this book is dark. Not the darkest book I’ve ever read, but also graphic. In fact Buried in Lies was perfect for my reading tastes as there was also that hint of macabre too.

I got swept up in the story of Mouse and Wolf, but also the intrigue of Toshka too. She was probably one of the most interesting, complex, messed up characters I’ve read in a while. The relationships of the characters is in depth, so much so you’ll need a boat to carry you through from drowning.

I hate talking about what happens in my reviews, as all my reviews are spoiler free. I will say with Buried in Lies although at times I found Jaya (Mouse) annoying/naive (maybe?), I felt she bought to the book a strong lead who’s voice made me also fall in love with Syler (Wolf) too. I felt everything she did from the deceit, to the knowledge of growing in herself and with her relationships around her.

Over all, I couldn’t really fault Buried in Lies and will definitely be checking out more of T.L Smith’s work shortly. I loved her writing style, the flow of her story and also the attention to detail where it mattered. This book is about a non conventional relationship, but different to those I’ve read before. 4 stars and a highly recommended read.

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