//I Wanna Text You Up by Teagan Hunter
I Wanna Text You Up Book Cover I Wanna Text You Up
Teagan Hunter
New adult, Romance, Contemporary
30th January, 2018

Chicks or dudes welcome!

Looking for a new roomie? I have a place for you! Like your music loud? I own headphones. Enjoy having late-night guests over? Again, headphones. Want someone to help pay the bills? Do the dishes? Take out the trash? You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours (metaphorically, of course). 

Check us out, getting along already.

Must be able to pay first and last month's rent up front.
Must be okay with Breakfast & Beats.
No dogs.
No trying to sleep with me.
Two bedrooms. One bathroom.
$350/month plus electricity.

If interested, email ineedarobin@gmail.com.
P.S. Wiener pics sent directly to my grandmother. Don't do that crap to her.

I didn’t realise at first that I Wanna Text You Up was a follow up to Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter. I absolutely loved Let’s Get Textural, Deliah and Zach’s story was fantastic (I actually gave it 4.5 stars), so hearing about 2 characters that were also in this book I knew it was one I would have to read.

I Wanna Text You Up follows Deliah’s room mate Zoe and her ex Caleb. I have to be honest, I didn’t love Caleb in the other book, I felt it was a bit…. Wholesome? Boring? I don’t know, compared to Zach he wasn’t all that. Yet in this book he really comes into his own. This book is mostly told in text conversations between Caleb and Zoe. But there is also the story there too. These two have such a flirtation manor its hard not to fall in love with both of them. Add to that Mittens, Zoe’s parents and of course some time with Deliah and Zach and you have s great recipe for another fantastic book.

I read this over 2 sittings and am sad to leave these characters behind. Teagan has really hit on something here with a great set of people and I do hope there’s more still to come. I thoroughly enjoyed I Wanna Text You Up, it made me laugh out loud, smile a lot and ‘sigh’ in a girlie way in all the right places. Plus my feelings for Caleb completely changed and I feel he’s as good as Zach if not better now in his own right! 4.5 stars, you have got to read this book if you like a new adult romance and if you haven’t read Let’s Get Textural than you’ve got to read that too. Available on Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe, this get a big thumbs up from me!

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