//The Now or Never Moment: Omnibus by Katie Kaleski
The Now or Never Moment Book Cover The Now or Never Moment
Katie Kaleski
YA, Young Adult, Romance, Depression, Mental Health, Bullying
23rd January, 2018

By the time she realizes she loves him, he’s already gone.

Shelby and Tanner have been inseparable ever since freshman year when she intervened to save him from a bully’s beating. Fast forward four intense years--Shelby is leaving for college. Without Tanner. Three days before she’s set to move, he hands her a thick envelope with explicit instructions:

In no way shape or form is she to open the envelope until she is perfectly settled in at school. She is not to even think of it until then.

No one has seen Tanner since that moment.

She opens the envelope to find a letter of epic proportions inside that spans their years in high school together. When she reads it out loud to almost her entire dorm, Shelby relives the good and all of the bad, and together they learn details that Tanner held back, the things he never told her. How much he really loves her.

Sometimes, all it takes is walking in someone else’s shoes to realize what you’ve known all along. Sometimes, that realization comes too late.

*this book deals with suicidal ideation, depression, and bullying*

The Now or Never Moment omnibus edition is all 4 parts of the series combined by Katie Kaleski. This was my first piece of work by Katie and I’m glad I read it as an whole and didn’t have to wait for each part to be released as it really is captivating. I found her writing style deep, enchanting and it totally consumed me from start to finish.

I don’t want to talk about what happens in this story for The Now or Never Moment really is a beautiful story and the synopsis tells you the main gist of what is going to happen. This book does cover bullying (Extreme bullying), depression and suicidal thoughts which may be triggers for some. I don’t give spoilers in my reviews but I do feel these are points that should be made aware to the reader (And are clearly stated in the synopsis too). Katie (Author) deals with these hard subject matters in such a concise way that I feel she really understood Tanner and helped me to understand him too. He is such an amazing character and to be completely honest I don’t feel I’ve EVER read a character like him, especially a male character. I didn’t like Shelby at first, in fact throughout the book I found her selfish at times and completely unaware. How someone could be that unaware to the things her best friend was going through made me feel she didn’t care. However, as you read the book and read through Shelby from Tanner’s point of view in the past but also from Shelby’s point of view in the present you understand a few things about Shelby too.

The Now or Never Moment is a long book, but only because this covers 4 years and is the omnibus edition. I read this over a few days but did read each year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior – this is a little new for me as in the UK we do not have our years laid out like this) as a whole. I did struggle putting it down as I wanted to know what had happened to Tanner and what the future held for him. In fact by the time I reached Junior year I was extremely worried about him and his safety (Both mentally and physically).

This book isn’t the easiest to read at times. Tanner is such a beautiful soul, I don’t know if I could ever be as forgiving as he is. I think that takes so much strength and character. He is unique and was a pleasure to read about. I’m glad we got to hear the end and thank Katie for writing such a beautiful story of friendship, love and mental illness.

I give the whole omnibus of The Now or Never Moment 3.5 stars. This was close to a 4 star in I’m honest but at times was so hard to read that I struggled emotionally. This is not a rainbows and unicorns love story. Its a hard, harrowing at times journey, but worth it completely.

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