//The Fear by C.L. Taylor
The Fear Book Cover The Fear
C. L. Taylor
Mystery, Thriller, Dark
Avon Books
22nd March 2018

'Claustrophobic and compelling' KARIN SLAUGHTER 'A rollercoaster with multiple twists' DAILY MAIL 'A million dollar new story from a million selling author.' SARAH PINBOROUGH Sometimes your first love won't let you go... When Lou Wandsworth ran away to France with her teacher Mike Hughes, she thought he was the love of her life. But Mike wasn't what he seemed and he left her life in pieces. Now 32, Lou discovers that he is involved with teenager Chloe Meadows. Determined to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, she returns home to confront him for the damage he's caused. But Mike is a predator of the worst kind, and as Lou tries to bring him to justice, it's clear that she could once again become his prey... The million copy Sunday Times bestseller returns with a gripping psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Praise for The Fear: 'A skewering portrait of obsessive love and psychological manipulation, this book gets under the skin from the outset and won't let you go until you've gasped at THAT ending. This is Taylor's best book yet.'CJ Cooke (author of I Know My Name) 'Wow! Such a fast-paced, gripping, tense thriller. My heart was in my mouth at the end. Her best yet!'Claire Douglas (author of Local Girl Missing)

I love a good thriller and when it comes to books to put you on the edge C.L Taylor does just that. The Fear is her new book I’ve had the pleasure of reading and what a ride it was. If you have read any of her work before you’ll know her books draw you in and keep you clenched in her fist till the very end!

The Fear is one of those books that covers a VERY delicate subject, grooming. What I enjoyed about this book is it wasn’t told from the predator’s side, nor from the law enforcement, but from the victim herself. This book is told from multiple points of view but focuses mainly three. I’m only going to talk about Lou for now as the others may give spoilers. Lou was groomed at the age of 13/14 and went to France with her instructor Mike who was in his 30s. It left her life a complete shambles and was something that she never got over. The story takes off from the get go, we hear about how Lou feels both in the past and present and what happened with Mike. The Fear is fast paced, I never got bored and each character I heard about I knew they were important to the story.

C.L Taylor has covered a sensitive subject with care and accuracy. I’ve read many books on darker subjects, I think this is my first grooming one. I will say at times I felt unnerved and uncomfortable, but it had more to do with the acceptance of the victims, that the predator had feelings etc for them and there wasn’t anything wrong with the relationship.

The Fear was read over 2 sittings and I could not put it down. The ending was perfect, I loved that last chapter with Mabel! That really added a chill factor that I feel if it hadn’t of been included wouldn’t have hit the note as well for me. A solid 4.5 stars, I encourage you to read C.L Taylor’s work if you haven’t before and definitely give The Fear a try.

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