//Wicked Little Games (Wicked Little Games #1) by Dee Palmer
Wicked Little Games Book Cover Wicked Little Games
Wicked Little Games
Dee Palmer
Romance, Suspense Thriller
5th January, 2018

“You promised me forever: You lied.”

Tia was five years old when she fell in love with Atticus Kraus. She didn’t care about the castle he lived in, that he was the heir to a vast empire, or that she was the daughter of his housekeeper. She cared about the boy who made her smile, the boy who defied his mother to make her his friend, and the boy who made her feel less alone.

Atticus made it crystal clear her place was right beside him—in play, in life, and in love. He promised her forever, and she promised to wait…

As she turns eighteen Tia is excited with the plans she’s made with her first love and soul mate. Her studies at a top college will ensure she finally moves away from Atticus’s judgemental family and her own toxic mother. With Atticus at her side, she feels the first sense of true happiness.
When suddenly accused and found guilty of stealing a Kraus family heirloom, Tia is sentenced to six years in prison, and her world falls apart. Abandoned and betrayed, this is just the beginning of her nightmare, as once again she finds herself very much alone. How could this happen?
Prison changes her, but it also gives her time: time to forge new friendships, time to learn new skills, and time to plan her revenge. Her life was destroyed by Wicked Little Games, and she knows exactly who’s going to pay…

Where to start with my review of Wicked Little Games. Well, its the first part of the series from Dee Palmer and you know there is going to be one hell of a cliffhanger as there always is when the book isn’t a standalone. But seriously, the end of Wicked Little Games? For those who hate books who leave you with that ‘WTF!!!!’ feeling I highly recommend not reading this until the second book Twisted Little Games is released. But please note, this is not me saying give this series a miss. In fact, this is me saying if you like twisted, mind games with characters who are playing all their cards close to their chests… You need to read this!

I hate writing reviews saying I don’t want to tell you about the characters or even the plot. Wicked Little Games literally changes how you feel about the characters as you read it. Who should you trust? Who is reliable? Who is lying? You will ask yourself all these questions as Dee (Author) does a great job of making you question everything!

Wicked Little Games was a fairly quick read. I read this over 2 sittings (This often happens if I start a book late in the evening) but if I had of started it earlier I can say I would not have put it down. I was so engrossed in the story of Tia and what had happened to her that I couldn’t help myself. There are really only 2 prominent characters in this book. Tia, Atticus (Cass), Atticus’ mother (And grandfather if you want to include him but he’s fleeting) and Logan. Yes other characters are there, but these are the ones that stand out a lot more. I won’t talk about the other character as there are surprises there and I feel it would give spoilers.

I cannot fault this piece of work by Dee Palmer. Wicked Little Games was my first introduction to her writing and I loved it. Her writing style, characters and intricate plot have me all up in a tizz and I cannot wait to see where Twisted Little Games takes us.

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